2016 saw some exciting developments....

Rocburn 2016 in Review

In March we gave a much needed facelift to our Window Openers website and launched our corporate website (this one), in April we launched our dedicated traditional window openers website Simply Screwjacks and in October we launched our site focusing on TV lifts for home, office & school use.

Our new traditional window openers website, Simply Screwjacks has the UK’s largest range of sizes and finishes to buy online for next day delivery making our range of conservatory roof vent screwjack window winders and opener poles more accessible to everyone. To take a look at our range please visit the site using the link below.

Visit Simply Screwjacks

In October we branched out into Television automation and boy has that been popular!

We have always had access to a small range of popular TV lift products but in 2016 we broadend the range decided to launch a buy online website to make it easier for customers to order from us. The site aims to give ideas and more information on each product to help you choose the right TV lift mechinisim for your needs. Please visit our dedicated website for more information.

Visit Hidden TV Lifts

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